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​Tamper Evident Security You Can Trust
ISecurity Seals is a custom seal manufacturing company based in Singapore that emphasises on quality, locally fabricated seals and service excellence.
iSecurity Seals
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Our wide range of seals for transportation by land, sea or air. Customised seals with unique identification and logo for your products/cargo.
Industry standard security seals. Eg: Rotor Seal / Metal Clip Seals / Cable Seals and many more...
Seals help to detect theft or contamination, either accidentally or delibrately
Individualized to fit the needs of users, typical markings includes logo, special text or serial numbering
Inexpensive way of providing temper evidence of intrusion into sensitive spaces 
Single use seals are usually made of plastic or metal while re-usable seals are typically electronic or mechanical

Why Choose ISecurity Seals

  • What assets are to be sealed?
  • What Medium is being used?
  • How valuable are the contents being sealed?
  • What is the duration will the seal be fixed on?
  • Will Serial Numbering be required?
  • Does it need to be Color Coded?
  • Will it have to be Reused?
Contact our friendly experts today and we will be most happy to advise you accordingly to suit your business requirements!

Choosing the Right Seal

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