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Have a Look at One of Our Many Seals Products Available

iSecurity Seals is a custom seal manufacturing company based in Singapore that emphasises on quality, locally fabricated seals and service excellence.
Our goal is to formulate the perfect recipe out of plastic resins and other raw materials to create a seal that suit your needs.
From start to end, we promise excellence at every stage of the project. Ultimately, we want you to enjoy a pleasant and professional service when you choose us.
Our ability to understand your needs first and deliver a fully integrated service will speak for itself. We aim to protect your assets and valuables, growing your business as much much as ours.
Here is an example of our products:
security seals


  • User Friendly

  • Different colors for easy identification

  • Running serialised numbers for easy tracking

  • Compact and temper evident

  • Ribbon snaps once there is any attempt to pull back the ribbon

  • Variable length for flexibility

  • In strips of 5 for easy dispensing

Be sure you get the best fit for your seal requirements - Contact us to request for a sample today!

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