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Bolt Seals for Container Transportation

iSecurity Seals

Shipping freights are steadily on the rise as a low cost form of cargo transportation. With it comes an expected increase in theft and pilfering. In response, shippers are using high security bolt seals to secure such shipments, cargo, and trailer and container latches.

Transportation of goods across border lines requires a high security seal to be affixed to all loaded containment. These high security bolt seals can be applied to truck or trailer doors/ inter modal containers and box car doors. These high security bolt seals are also an ideal choice for truck and trailer security because they are simple to use, an effective theft/tampering deterrent and can be removed with bolt cutters.

iSecurity Seals offers container bolt seals that show evidence of tampering, making it easy to determine if unauthorized access to cargo has occurred. our bolt seals have the following features:

1. Consecutive Numbering: Bolts are numbered to prevent fraud by body or bolt replacement.

2. Once sealed, these high security bolt seals can only be opened by cutting with bolt cutters.

3. Bolt seals make use of a plastic covering to show evidence of tampering.

Here's How iSecurity Seals can help you.

Product quality, precise lead times, good customer service and cost competitive pricing are ALL important parameters, iSecurity Seals recognizes the need for security seals and protecting the global supply chain.

Be sure you get the best fit for your seal requirements - Contact us to request for a sample today!

Alternatively, email our friendly staff today!

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