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iSecurity Pull Tight Plastic Seals - Helping To Keep Goods In Transit Safe

iSecurity Seals

As a vital cog in Singapore's economy and infrastructure, transporters and freight chandlers have to periodically access their vulnerability to risk and search for innovative solutions for strengthening or adjusting their security to prevent breaches and internal conspiracies. They must also conduct a comprehensive assessment of their security practices based upon the minimum-security criteria.

iSecurity Seals carries a line of comprehensive seals, suited for sealing your precious vital cargo and deter theft.

Here is a sample of a very commonly used plastic pull tight seal found in our inventory:

ISS - 01 PP/N

  • User friendly

  • Different colors for easy identification

  • Running serialized numbers for easy tracking

  • Compact and temper evident


  • Variable length for flexibility

  • Ribbon snaps once there is any attempt to pull back the ribbon

  • In strips of 5 for easy dispensing


  • Cash boxes / bags

  • Aircraft trolleys & Apparatus

  • Fruit machines

  • Utility meters & Valves

  • Truckes & Vans

  • Travelling Luggage

  • Churches offering bags

  • Freight containers

  • Courier Bags

  • Gaming machines

  • Postal & Mail bag

  • Clinical waste bag

  • Railway Freight

  • Forensic Evident Bags

  • ATM cassettes

Ribbon & Tag: Polypropylene or Polyamide 6(Nylon)

Lock Button: Polyoxymethene (POM)

White, Yellow, Red, Blue, Light Blue, Green & Orange

Company's logo and six serial numbers are printed with hot foil stamping or laser markings, if required.

The Importance of Quality Security Seals When it comes to security seals, service is as important as quality, so consumers need to choose products from a reliable company that offers outstanding services to its customers. Whenever a businessperson needs to secure food products or chemicals that are shipped across the country in containers, they can count on cable seals to help protect the business and its loyal consumers.

Here's How iSecurity Seals can help you.

Product quality, precise lead times, good customer service and cost competitive pricing are ALL important parameters, iSecurity Seals recognizes the need for security seals and protecting the global supply chain.

Be sure you get the best fit for your seal requirements - Contact us to request for a sample today!

Alternatively, email our friendly staff today!

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