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Why use Security Seals?

security seals
Purposes & Functionality

Why use Security Seals?

  • To prevent opportunistic theft

  • To visualise manipulation attempt

  • To prevent contamination

  • To prevent trafficking of contraband

  • To prevent stowage of arms and explosives

The functions and demands of Security Seals

The risk of theft and criminal energy grows with the value of goods being transported and the demands on Security Seals increase in turn. The following points influence the policy of designing high quality Security Seals:

  1. Security seals should indicate whether a locking device has already been opened. Tamper resistance (or evidence of tampering) by making manipulation nearly impossible, more difficult or at least time-consuming

  2. .Adding tamper-evident features to visualize unauthorized manipulation of the security seal.

  3. Resistance to substitution of component parts.

  4. Avoid accidental breaking of the seal in situations.

These demands lead, as a rule, to the usage of seals made from a variety of components and materials. In conjunction with the customers’ logo, consecutive numbering, barcode, data matrix codes etc. ensuring that each seal is unique and cannot be substituted.

Seal Classification Overview
  • Indicative Security Seals - Seals that are designed and manufactured of material that can easily be broken by hand or by using a simple snipping tool or shears.

  • Security Seals - Seals that are designed and manufactured of material that provides limited resistance to unauthorized access and requires lightweight tool for removal.

  • High Security Seals - Seals that are designed and manufactured of material such as metal or metal cable with the purpose to delay intrusion. High security seals generally must be removed with heavy bolt cutters or cable cutters.

The physical strength of the seals is determined by a Tensile, Shear, Bending, and Impact Test. All Security seals must be checked to indicate all sorts of manipulation.

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