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Elements of an Effective Security Seals Program and Areas of Responsibilty

security seals

  • Producing and shipping high quality Security Seals

  • To guarantee physical strength and integrity of the Security seal

  • To ensure unique marking and numbering

  • Provide Tamper resistance and tamper evidence solutions

  • Advice customers finding proper selection of the Security seal solution to fit to specific customer needs

  1. Inspect your seals on receipt (type, colour, marking, quantity)

  2. Proper storage of seals

  3. Ensure that only authorized people have access to your warehouse resp. the security seals

  4. Document the seals given to the users

  5. Train users on the features and the use of the seal

  6. Train users on proper seal usage

  7. Educate users to watch for evidence of tampering

  8. Documents taken to show seal was properly locked and intact after applying

  9. Check integrity and number of the security seal before cutting or breaking it

  10. Any irregularity or damage on the security seal has to recorded (photographed)

If needed, return such seals and application pictures to the seal manufacturer for inspection.

For further support or questions please contact one of our security seal experts

  • Store all seals securely

  • Implement an effective seal control and distribution system

  • Inspect the seal prior to application / while secured on the application / after removal

  • Keep records of all seals issued effectively

- The moisture content of Nylon is in equilibrium with the relative humidity of the surrounding environment.

- Relative humidity between 60% - 80% is the best condition for the seal to conform to the material specifications.

- Thus during winter, the seals should not be stored in heated areas indoors (with relative humidity between 20% – 40%) in order to preserve its properties.

Be sure you get the best fit for your seal requirements - Contact us to request for a sample

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